What is the ENS DAO Newsletter?

The ENS DAO Newsletter is a summary of the developments and happenings within the Ethereum Name Service DAO and its Working Groups, released every 1st and 15th.

This bi-weekly ENS digest is intended to provide ongoing transparency into the ever-improving ENS protocol as well as its diverse community – including detailed documentation from the Working Groups, information about upcoming technical developments, and summaries of the latest governance proposals.

We hope to provide the best coverage of both ENS the technology and of the ENS DAO, or “decentralized autonomous organization.” 

Information about our community meetings, proposals, and governance decisions will be compiled here, as well as the latest updates to the ENS protocol and ecosystem as a whole.

This publication intends to maintain a credibly neutral, non-biased, accurate, reliable, and curated single source for all things ENS.

We intend to reach the widest audience possible.

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Published every 1st and 15th, this free bi-weekly digest provides ongoing transparency into the ever-improving Ethereum Name Service protocol and its diverse community - the ENS DAO, or "decentralized autonomous organization." Official site - ens.domains


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ENS DAO Newsletter, published every 1st and 15th.
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