Loved the article. Let the rarity battles continue... Bought a single emoji domain 😉

Can't more emojis with zwj's continue to be created though?

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This article has 2 flaws;

1. Several unicodes don't work in combination together. Try

2. What happen to the supply of single emojis when ens itself introduces single & double character domain? Oh my previous single emoji created using zwj is considered a scam now?

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Hey, thanks for reading

1. Do you have those Unicode characters that *don't* work in combination together? Because the only character I am aware of that cannot currently be repeated is the Hyphen (which isn't Unicode!) - all in all this is a VERY minor correction when dealing with tens of thousands of unique characters and the sum would still be ~165 Trillion

2. If you've managed to read the entire article you would know that the sum of all allowed characters is 54,945 - so.. effectively nothing would happen to our beloved Single Emoji ENS

These domains would still remain to be single character, as the individual emojis themselves are compromised of 3 or more codepoints - so no, your single emoji would not be a scam as these emojis REQUIRE multiple codepoints to exist in the first place

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